Raw Conscious Eatery

I tried out Raw Conscious the other week, a petite cafe style eatery which has just opened on Chapel Street, Glenelg. If you enjoy eating fresh and raw then you will love it, just like I did! The menu is not huge but everything sounds delicious and best of all… very filling. I had the Yogi Bowl which tasted exactly like Chocolate Yogo (but good for you) and couldn’t even finish the whole thing, even though I really wanted to. Presentation of the food was beautiful! A variety of coffee, juices and smoothies on offer as well as raw cakes and treats. I loved the interior design of the shop which is very modern and fresh, creating a relaxed and calm environment. I will definitely be recommending this store to anyone who already loves raw health foods or to those wanting to try it out!

Location: 2/2 Chapel Street, Glenelg, South Australia

Pictured: Yogi bowl + Acai Bowl ft. 2 x Watermelon and Mint Juices.



Open Plan Living

I fall in love with any house that displays some kind of modern open plan living. I think it’s an important aspect to a house, why would you want to feel boxed in? You want large amounts of spacious environment, room to move and room to live. You can create an open plan feel by taking out walls if it’s an existing house that’s full of them. Most modern homes display openness by creating a kitchen which flows into the dining and living area, with no walls separating the spaces, but rather objects like island benches and couches. My all time favourite display of open living is with the addition of bi-fold or sliding doors. Even better then the connection between kitchen and living is the connection between living and the outside environment. Anything that connects these two is my idea of perfect open plan living and will make for a sound investment to a modern home.

open plan living

Dainty Ears

I am in love at the moment with dainty jewellery. Nothing too overpowering yet something unique and simply nice. Thin bracelets and necklaces are always winners, but I think the true standout, and a lot of the time forgotten about, are earrings. Having nicely decorated ears can be a real stand out, especially if you are going for a slick-back hair look. I have multiple ear piercings myself, and was happy to go through the pain because I knew I would be happy with them. There are such a variety of ear piercings nowadays and such a variety of jewellery to go with them, but I still think subtle is key. My favourite look is multiple piercings with dainty jewellery, pictured below. And remember, the piercings don’t always have to be real… If you don’t want to go through that pain that’s totally fair enough! There is a fake jewellery piece for just about every piercing aswell.


Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the most beautiful place I’ve travelled to within Australia. As it is only a small beachside town it has such a relaxed atmosphere and everyone who resides there are such welcoming and friendly people. I would recommend travelling here to anyone in need of a little escape from reality. With multiple resorts and hotels to choose from, I would without a doubt suggest the ‘Byron at Byron,’ located just ten minutes from the towns main centre. It is situated in the middle of a tropical rainforest and you are treated like absolute royalty. They offer many activities but even just relaxing by their huge pool is a day well spent. One of my favourite memories from the trip was hiring cruiser bikes and finding a deserted beach to ride along. I also suggest doing the Lighthouse walk for an amazing view and a good workout!

Location: Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia


303 By The Sea

My favourite new breaky spot! 303 By The Sea has moved into a shop on Seaview Road which in the past has had multiple owners, each with a business that just didn’t quite survive. I’m feeling very confident about it’s latest resident. This cafe is petite, but I’m amazed what they have accomplished with the small space. It’s roomy enough for the customers and if you sit outside you can enjoy the smell of the sea breeze. The menu isn’t huge but has a range to fancy all foodies, each with a slight twist and wholesome ingredients. Presentation of the foods is always incredible and I can’t get enough of the blue ceramic plates they use.. I need to find where to buy them! Coffee is great and although I’m yet to try the Juice and Smoothie range they look like they will not disappoint. I have recommended it to so many people now, and will continue to if they keep up the great friendly service they have provided to me so far.

Location: 303 Seaview Road, Henley Beach, South Australia

Pictured: Brioche French Toast with Stewed Apple and Maple Bacon… Amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.02.04 pm

Heart of the Home

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s so true. This is the place where meals are prepared, friendships are bound, children become grown, conversations flourished and where love is found. Over the years the amount of time you spend in your kitchen will increase, as you learn how it all works and how to create foods that tingle your tastebuds. It’s always important that your kitchen is a reflection of yourself, something you are proud of, and something you are going to feel your almost happiest in. A spot of your favourite colour will no doubt do the trick. In the below image it’s multiple shades of green, representing freshness, something definitely required in the kitchen! Teaming that with light wooden shelves creates the perfect relaxed atmosphere the heart of the home needs.