Dainty Ears

I am in love at the moment with dainty jewellery. Nothing too overpowering yet something unique and simply nice. Thin bracelets and necklaces are always winners, but I think the true standout, and a lot of the time forgotten about, are earrings. Having nicely decorated ears can be a real stand out, especially if you are going for a slick-back hair look. I have multiple ear piercings myself, and was happy to go through the pain because I knew I would be happy with them. There are such a variety of ear piercings nowadays and such a variety of jewellery to go with them, but I still think subtle is key. My favourite look is multiple piercings with dainty jewellery, pictured below. And remember, the piercings don’t always have to be real… If you don’t want to go through that pain that’s totally fair enough! There is a fake jewellery piece for just about every piercing aswell.



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