Raw Conscious Eatery

I tried out Raw Conscious the other week, a petite cafe style eatery which has just opened on Chapel Street, Glenelg. If you enjoy eating fresh and raw then you will love it, just like I did! The menu is not huge but everything sounds delicious and best of all… very filling. I had the Yogi Bowl which tasted exactly like Chocolate Yogo (but good for you) and couldn’t even finish the whole thing, even though I really wanted to. Presentation of the food was beautiful! A variety of coffee, juices and smoothies on offer as well as raw cakes and treats. I loved the interior design of the shop which is very modern and fresh, creating a relaxed and calm environment. I will definitely be recommending this store to anyone who already loves raw health foods or to those wanting to try it out!

Location: 2/2 Chapel Street, Glenelg, South Australia

Pictured: Yogi bowl + Acai Bowl ft. 2 x Watermelon and Mint Juices.



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