Mount Lofty Summit Hike

If your looking to get adventurous in South Australia while getting in a very good work out, I would no doubt suggest the Mount Lofty hike through the Cleland Conservation Reserve. Starting at the base of the hike is Waterfall Gully, and on a sunny day this place is almost magical. Your surrounded by lush greens and the sound of the water pouring over the edge of the first waterfall you come to. As you begin your hike you may realise how hard this is going to be, and I assure you it is very tough. The hike up and back averages out to be about 8kms, which isn’t huge… the incline is. Up the top you reach the Restaurant and Café, but best of all is the look out, you can see over Adelaide city and out to the ocean. Once you’ve completely the (much quicker) trip down you can stop in for a coffee, shake or eat at the Utopia Café and rest those legs. This little big adventure makes for a day where your left feeling really great about yourself and what you have achieved.

Location: Waterfall Gully, Cleland Conservation Reserve, South Australia



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