Take the Leap

Yes, take the leap… out of a plane. I’m not joking here, what better way to get your adrenaline fix and feed your need for adventure then to go skydiving! I have been twice now and am pleased to tell you it is quite possibly the most incredible feeling I have experienced in my 21 years. The first time I embarked on this crazy venture was in New Zealand at 11,000ft. It was magical. I was quite literally falling from the sky through mountains topped with snow towards the bluest lake I have witnessed with my own eyes. The second, slightly higher at 15,000ft in my hometown of Adelaide, right above the suburbs I spend my time around. It definitely wasn’t as scenic, but just as fascinating. It’s hard to possibly describe what you feel. At first there are definitely nerves as your squished in the tiniest plane, to be honest I was more worried going up in the plane then jumping out of it. You see the standby light flick on and they buckle you up. You don’t really have much time to think from then, next thing you know the door opens and you are on the edge of it. It’s an overwhelming feeling to free fall from that height. I found that by the time the parachute opened I had just been uncontrollably laughing the whole way down. It’s amazing. I have and will always do my best to encourage people to experience it. There is nothing else quite like it, an adventure you will remember for a lifetime.

P.S It’s quite impossible to pull a pretty face whilst falling from the sky…

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


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