The Home Scrapbook

I have a little project in the making, one which looks to continue into the foreseeable future. I am subscribed to what is definitely my all time favourite lifestyle magazine, Real Living. I hoard these mags like they are going to keep me alive if ever there will be a zombie apocalypse. One day I thought to myself as I moved the stack gently from one shelf to a larger one, ‘Am I wasting my money on these?’ I know, how could I? How could I honestly be questioning these beauties for the sake of money? I’ll admit, I read them once, twice, maybe ten times at max, but as soon as that month turns over and November’s issue arrives at my doorstep, the one before is sadly forgotten. I wanted to do something to make those magazines special. After all, there is always a couple ideas in every issue which I hope to incorporate into my own home, so I definitely don’t want to just bin them. I took myself to Office Works (oh my gosh don’t do it, save yourself, it’s stationary heaven) and bought a nice big folder and labelled sections of pages with sections of a house. Ever since that day I have been ripping out pages and great ideas from the Real Living magazines and slipping them under their appropriate headings. I’d like to praise myself and say it’s a great idea… Less pages wasted, ideas always remembered and a dream house already in the making.



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