Neutral Boho

I am in love with bohemian styling, and what first comes to mind is bright colours, patterns and stacks of jewels. But what I love even more then this look is a simple neutral boho. It’s possible, and it wears so nicely and will quite possibly never go out. You are always safe when you stay within the neutral earthy tones, the blacks, whites, creams, browns and beiges. And if your wondering how this makes a bohemian look, still add the jewels, go for layers and flowing pieces like maxi skirts or kimonos. You can still rock patterns and anything looks great paired with a set of nice boots or strapped sandals. My favourite go-to online store to find the best neutral boho pieces is Sabo Skirt. Prices for pieces range anywhere between $20 to $150, but if anything seems a little too pricey I can assure you are paying for really good quality. If you love the bright colours and patterns too much, I can also recommend Arnhem Clothing based in Byron Bay, Australia. Their pieces are just as amazing, a touch more expensive, but totally worth it. They have amazing swim wear too! Basically, if you love boho styling like myself, you probably rock it already in whichever way you feel your most comfortable, and that’s definitely the most important thing.



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