Top 10 Acai Bowls around Adelaide

Finding a place that does not only Acai bowls, but good Acai bowls in little ol’ Adelaide can be a difficult task. So I have embarked on one of my greatest tasks to date, to find the most delicious Acai bowls in Adelaide. Sourcing ten was the first struggle I endured, but then ranking them was almost impossible. I will have you know that there is not much separating them, they were all pretty darn delicious. I hope my research and writing leads you on a delightful path of cafes and restaurants to help quench your craving for that sweet berry goodness. Next stop… Top 10 Smashed Avocado, stay tuned.

Combi – Adelaide CBD, Leigh Street

Definitely worth the drive into the city! This tiny window front store does a great bowl, it’s pretty much the only thing they do, but they have nailed it. I recommend going the peanut butter option, sounds odd but the additional blob of crunchy peanut butter to top your Acai makes for an amazing taste. Mixture is great and the toppings are a plenty! A very decent size leaving you very full and satisfied. Price: $14.50


Royal Copenhagen – Semaphore, Semaphore Road

I know what your thinking… no way. I’m here to tell you… yes way. Royal Copenhagen at Semaphore ain’t all just sweets and treats, they do what I consider to be one of the best Acai bowls around Adelaide. The acai mixture is always on point, and what makes these Acai bowls so satisfying is the toppings. They use organic Freestyle Granuseli (an amazing mix of granola and muesli) along with fresh banana and strawberry, shredded coconut and a sprinkle of goji berries, pepitas and bee pollen. I definitely recommend all you Acai bowl lovers to try one of these bad boys, it’s sure to not disappoint! For the price you pay it’s a great sizing and this place is only a stroll away from the beach. What more could you want… Price: $10.90 


The Juice Plantation Co – Adelaide Central Markets

This beach bar market stall offers any of their smoothies to be transformed to a nourish bowl, and in this case, I chose the acai smoothie. They create their mixture with milk options rather then water so the outcome is smooth and creamy. I was unsure on this at first, but turns out it’s actually very pleasant! Toppings were a great variety, the bowl was huge (you definitely get value for your money) and they seem to always be presented to perfection in a sweet love-heart shaped bowl. Price: $13.00


Raw Conscious Eatery – Glenelg, Chapel Street

I love the variety of toppings on this bowl and the presentation is always A+ regardless if it’s dine in or takeaway. It’s pretty pricey for the size however it is quite filling. The mixture is lovely and smooth. Price: $16.00


Bomdia Bowls – Glenelg, Moseley Street

Having heard mixed reviews from Acai fans about this beachside store, I firstly assumed there might be inconsistency with their bowls. I had to check it out for myself, and am pleased to report that my bowl was pretty darn good. They are reasonably priced for the sizing and topped with a decent amount of granola and fresh fruit. What I love is the selection and variety of bowls, all made with Acai. There would be a bowl for every kind of lover! The drizzle of honey was the icing on this health cake making it just a good amount of sweet. Price: Small – $9.00, Regular – $12.00

The Organik Store & Cafe – Glenelg, Broadway

This Acai bowl is often a bit inconsistent. Sometimes they are great and others not so much. The toppings are usually pretty jam packed which I love and the granola they use is delicious. However, I’m not a huge fan of it being topped with apple and orange slices (just a personal preference!). Price: $10.90

Raw&More – Findon, Grange Road

This Acai bowl had a great thick mixture and a delicious crunchy muesli mix to top. The size was generous for the price paid, however there was not a lot of variety with toppings and no fresh fruit which I usually love! Price: $10.80

Bacchus Wine Bar – Henley Square

What I really enjoyed about this bowl was the crunchy muesli mix they topped it with and the fresh strawberries, banana and the addition of blueberries, which you don’t often see. What I didn’t like so much was how smoothie-like it was. It definitely wasn’t a smooth mix with bits of berry throughout. There was almost too much muesli mix aswell. It spread throughout the acai and went a bit soggy. Price: $14.00

Red Roar – Hindmarsh, Port Road

This bowl was very sweet tasting which made me a bit unsure at first, I soon warmed up to the flavour and ended up enjoying it. The toppings and granola were really delicious. I do however have a feeling that they are pre-made bowls which I don’t love the idea of, but they are the cheapest I have come across!  Price: Small – $7.00, Large – $10.00

Sportivo – West Lakes, Brebner Drive

An unlikely Acai serving suspect is this Italian restaurant/café. I think this may be a typical case of trying to get in with the ‘cool kids’ but just not quite getting there. The mixture seems a bit OTT creamy, not the way a bowl should be. Topped with plain oats (yeah that’s right, oats…), strawberry, banana and coconut, for the price I paid I was really expecting something great, unfortunately that was not the case. Price: $17.00


Or else… Create your own bowl!

Acai bowls are quite easy to make yourself. Frozen Acai sachets can be purchased from most health food stores. To create the mix simply blend one sachet with a handful of frozen mixed berries and banana. Serve the frozen acai mixture in a bowl topped with your favourite granola or muesli, freshly cut slices of fruit and whatever else you enjoy!


The Palms Vibe

I am a collector of prints, I just love them. I have no more wall space in my room for them. I need a home ASAP just so I can buy more. My all time favourite kind of print is the humble one, the single word or simple photograph. By keeping it meek, you can have more without feeling crowded or overwhelmed. Some of the best worded prints I have come across are those hand – written by The Palms Vibe. Each piece created is an original work of art using different coloured foil so that they shine in the sunlight. So precisely designed, framed and even packaged, you can tell that they just love what they do. They also offer personal pieces upon request so you can have whatever wording you wish, meaning it can really represent significance and value. It is such a lovely idea for a gift of many occasions… weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so the list goes on! You can find their amazing work at various markets around Adelaide. Give them a follow on Instagram to find out where they will be and when. They also have a great website up and running where you can both purchase and custom order your prints.

I love knowing that a print has come from a person… none of this computer generated stuff. It gives me a kind of pride to hang it on my wall, to look at that every day and know someone has worked hard to put it there. The Palms Vibe is a great representation of that ethic. And if you get the same feels as me, you will find yourself very gratified to hang your own Palms Vibe print on your wall too.

Check them out: Instagram – @the_palms_vibe, Website –

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 3.10.13 pm.png

The Loose Caboose

Tucked away inside the Bowden Railway Station is this gem of a café. Its location isn’t the most scenic to sit down with a cuppa, but what they have done with both the interior and exterior of this place makes you forget about your outside surroundings. The thought of passing trains right outside the windows might make you hesitant at first, but they actually make for an interesting view and spreads such a rustic vibe. The food is what really makes this place something special. There is a great variety on the menu, filled with mostly breakfast staples made extravagant. What I have tried so far has always been nothing but delicious. My favourite meal would have to be the Smashed Avocado. It’s my go-to dish at a place I’m not familiar with, one of my favourite meals, it can be a real make or break. The Loose Caboose is one of the best Smashed Avo’s I have had. Much more ingredients then just your regular, all the flavours combine to give your tastebuds a slice of heaven. Their coffee’s are great too. Someone please tell me what almond milk they use!? It’s out of this world. And if you’re a fan of a good chai latte like myself then you 100% have to try one here. The only down side to this little café is that a lot of people already know how great it is, so it is often pretty busy especially on weekends, and they don’t take bookings. I recommend getting in early, and if you do have to wait for a table, I promise you it will all be worth it when your meal is presented flawlessly in front of you.

Location: 21 First Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia

Pictured: The Smashed Avocado

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.30.19 pm.png

Marino Boardwalk

This is an adventure for the lovers of all things exercise and ocean. At the end of Marino Esplanade, South Australia, begins a coastal boardwalk taking you over and through the cliffs that line the waters edge along Hallet Cove. At the base of the cliffs are thousands of pebbles and rocky reefs leading out to the ocean, on a calm day when the water is still it is mighty magical, you may even see the resident dolphins passing through. The walk itself (or run if your feeling super fit) goes for 8kms all up and involves quite a few wooden stairs leading you up and down the mountainous terrain. This makes for a great workout for the legs and butt, what more could you want! On a scale of difficulty, I would say it’s about a six, because although the stairs are hard work there are lots of flat surfaces to break them up. With a view as beautiful as that, it’s tough to feel much pain!

Location: Marino Esplanade, South Australia