Marino Boardwalk

This is an adventure for the lovers of all things exercise and ocean. At the end of Marino Esplanade, South Australia, begins a coastal boardwalk taking you over and through the cliffs that line the waters edge along Hallet Cove. At the base of the cliffs are thousands of pebbles and rocky reefs leading out to the ocean, on a calm day when the water is still it is mighty magical, you may even see the resident dolphins passing through. The walk itself (or run if your feeling super fit) goes for 8kms all up and involves quite a few wooden stairs leading you up and down the mountainous terrain. This makes for a great workout for the legs and butt, what more could you want! On a scale of difficulty, I would say it’s about a six, because although the stairs are hard work there are lots of flat surfaces to break them up. With a view as beautiful as that, it’s tough to feel much pain!

Location: Marino Esplanade, South Australia



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