The Loose Caboose

Tucked away inside the Bowden Railway Station is this gem of a café. Its location isn’t the most scenic to sit down with a cuppa, but what they have done with both the interior and exterior of this place makes you forget about your outside surroundings. The thought of passing trains right outside the windows might make you hesitant at first, but they actually make for an interesting view and spreads such a rustic vibe. The food is what really makes this place something special. There is a great variety on the menu, filled with mostly breakfast staples made extravagant. What I have tried so far has always been nothing but delicious. My favourite meal would have to be the Smashed Avocado. It’s my go-to dish at a place I’m not familiar with, one of my favourite meals, it can be a real make or break. The Loose Caboose is one of the best Smashed Avo’s I have had. Much more ingredients then just your regular, all the flavours combine to give your tastebuds a slice of heaven. Their coffee’s are great too. Someone please tell me what almond milk they use!? It’s out of this world. And if you’re a fan of a good chai latte like myself then you 100% have to try one here. The only down side to this little café is that a lot of people already know how great it is, so it is often pretty busy especially on weekends, and they don’t take bookings. I recommend getting in early, and if you do have to wait for a table, I promise you it will all be worth it when your meal is presented flawlessly in front of you.

Location: 21 First Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia

Pictured: The Smashed Avocado

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.30.19 pm.png


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