The Palms Vibe

I am a collector of prints, I just love them. I have no more wall space in my room for them. I need a home ASAP just so I can buy more. My all time favourite kind of print is the humble one, the single word or simple photograph. By keeping it meek, you can have more without feeling crowded or overwhelmed. Some of the best worded prints I have come across are those hand – written by The Palms Vibe. Each piece created is an original work of art using different coloured foil so that they shine in the sunlight. So precisely designed, framed and even packaged, you can tell that they just love what they do. They also offer personal pieces upon request so you can have whatever wording you wish, meaning it can really represent significance and value. It is such a lovely idea for a gift of many occasions… weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so the list goes on! You can find their amazing work at various markets around Adelaide. Give them a follow on Instagram to find out where they will be and when. They also have a great website up and running where you can both purchase and custom order your prints.

I love knowing that a print has come from a person… none of this computer generated stuff. It gives me a kind of pride to hang it on my wall, to look at that every day and know someone has worked hard to put it there. The Palms Vibe is a great representation of that ethic. And if you get the same feels as me, you will find yourself very gratified to hang your own Palms Vibe print on your wall too.

Check them out: Instagram – @the_palms_vibe, Website –

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 3.10.13 pm.png


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