Winter Necessities

I am definitely not winters greatest fan. I really dislike the cold and always find it difficult to master what to wear to both look good and manage to keep myself warm. People always seem to suggest rocking lots of layers, but honestly who can be bothered dressing yourself in four different tops and two pairs of pants? Not me. Luckily for us, this season we have been blessed with some styling that is going to set the fashion standards and keep us warm all at the same time! Already having been rocked by some of the greats, like Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid, ‘over the knee’ boots have come way back in. I for sure am very pleased about this, although a good pair will probably set you back quite a bit, and I am still yet to purchase mine. This style is great as you can still keep your legs so warm while wearing a leather skirt or even a dress! Another statement piece that’s already being raved about this season is the trench coat. Big coats have always been in, but never really this big. Definitely grab yourself a thick and long trench this winter to keep yourself super warm. Paired with your boots, this style ain’t going out any time soon. This look will probably be expensive, so no shame in outfit repeating either! Simply mix up you’re under layer to keep it looking fresh each time, or pair with a scarf to change it up. I’ll be praying we all stay warm and fashionable this winter!



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