Along with a furnishing face lift, Henley Square in South Australia has welcomed new cafe and bar Malobo. Right on schedule with the opening of the remodelled square, Malobo’s doors were flooded before they were even installed. I am still struggling to find a spare table every time I visit, there’s no sign of initial excitement over the establishment dulling down. I am in love with their breaky menu. There seems to be something to please everyone with each option incorporating an unusual ingredient to really get those tastebuds going. They offer a simpler all day kids menu along with a huge variety of savoury plates ranging in size and quantity for lunch or dinner. Their coffees are brewed with fair trade organic beans and they offer a variety of milk options. Did you know you can get your coffee in a bowl? No lie, 3 shots in a bowl to satisfy you coffee addicts! And your going to want a bowl too, the coffee is delicious. What I am yet to indulge myself with is a nice cocktail from the bar in the evening, and it excites me that they also create cheeseboards. There’s nothing like sitting back with your eyes on the ocean, sipping wine and eating cheese, am I right? The interior décor of the place is great with a collaboration of art work by Sydney based artist Brad Eastman and Adelaide based Vans the Omega. I also advise if your just there for a coffee DO NOT look at their cake display, unfortunately for all those wanting to be good this winter it is off the charts, fully stocked with delicious sweets and savouries. For those of you who haven’t paid this place a visit yet, I highly suggest you do. Someone let me know what the cheeseboard is like, please and thankyou.

Location: 257 Seaview Road, Henley Beach, South Australia

Pictured: Coconut buckwheat crepe with fried jamon, feta, pomegranate and coconut chips + long white iced coffee.



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