The Dream Feature Wall

I love the fresh and natural look of a man made timber feature wall. Light wood can brighten the room while a darker tone can add elegance and a sophisticated feel. It creates an ultra modern appearance and is very easy on the eye. My absolute dream would be to have light timber walls throughout most of my house, however, it would be quite an expensive project. I think settling for one main timber feature wall in the bedroom will have to do me. Paired with crisp white bed linen and some bright greenery, it creates the perfect place to lay your head peacefully. Purchasing all the timber panels could definitely add up in cost, obviously depending on which type of wood you would like to use. For a cost efficient and just as importantly environmentally friendly approach, you can source recycled timber from salvage yards. This would create a much more rustic feel while still being very aesthetically pleasing. However, using this form may involve a lot more work for yourself, including cutting and sanding down the wood. The hardest part would be sourcing pieces of wood which will fit together, and lots of them depending on the size of your wall! I cannot wait to take on this project in the future, and cannot wait to see a (hopefully) successful outcome when I do. I can’t assure it will look just like the pictures in the magazines… but I sure can try!



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