Lashhed by Sarah

Like almost every woman on the planet (unless already blessed with them) I have always wanted long luscious lashes. I’ve tried many mascaras, carried curlers in my clutch, and envied those that are graced with the good genes. I hated the heavy feeling of wearing a set of fake’s out and feared for dear life that they would start sliding down my face mid boogie. I knew getting eyelash extensions was an option, but it just didn’t seem for me. I had seen results that were a tad less then pretty and heard horror stories of going lash bald afterwards. This was until a good friend of mine decided to make it a hobby. She studied a course, practiced on her mum and soon enough was giving lengthy lashes to those in need. I decided to give it a go, and boy I am not looking back! They are amazing. It’s like everything I ever dreamed of and more. I can wake up in the morning, no face on, hair a disarray, and feel like I don’t look as half deceased anymore. Sarah has a real talent for making them still look and feel au naturel. She works her magic from the comfort of home, based in Adelaide, Australia, and I can say it’s worth the long lie down. It’s actually so relaxing I nodded off a couple of times. Ladies, I need not persuade you any longer, just check out her social media pages and you will understand what I am banging on about!

For the whole month of July she is offering a full set of extensions for only $35! Yes, you read that right. It’s ridiculous so make sure you jump on board before you miss her introductory offer.

Contact her via:

Facebook – Lashhed By Sarah

Instagram – @lashhedbysarah



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