The Dream Feature Wall

I love the fresh and natural look of a man made timber feature wall. Light wood can brighten the room while a darker tone can add elegance and a sophisticated feel. It creates an ultra modern appearance and is very easy on the eye. My absolute dream would be to have light timber walls throughout most of my house, however, it would be quite an expensive project. I think settling for one main timber feature wall in the bedroom will have to do me. Paired with crisp white bed linen and some bright greenery, it creates the perfect place to lay your head peacefully. Purchasing all the timber panels could definitely add up in cost, obviously depending on which type of wood you would like to use. For a cost efficient and just as importantly environmentally friendly approach, you can source recycled timber from salvage yards. This would create a much more rustic feel while still being very aesthetically pleasing. However, using this form may involve a lot more work for yourself, including cutting and sanding down the wood. The hardest part would be sourcing pieces of wood which will fit together, and lots of them depending on the size of your wall! I cannot wait to take on this project in the future, and cannot wait to see a (hopefully) successful outcome when I do. I can’t assure it will look just like the pictures in the magazines… but I sure can try!



The Palms Vibe

I am a collector of prints, I just love them. I have no more wall space in my room for them. I need a home ASAP just so I can buy more. My all time favourite kind of print is the humble one, the single word or simple photograph. By keeping it meek, you can have more without feeling crowded or overwhelmed. Some of the best worded prints I have come across are those hand – written by The Palms Vibe. Each piece created is an original work of art using different coloured foil so that they shine in the sunlight. So precisely designed, framed and even packaged, you can tell that they just love what they do. They also offer personal pieces upon request so you can have whatever wording you wish, meaning it can really represent significance and value. It is such a lovely idea for a gift of many occasions… weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so the list goes on! You can find their amazing work at various markets around Adelaide. Give them a follow on Instagram to find out where they will be and when. They also have a great website up and running where you can both purchase and custom order your prints.

I love knowing that a print has come from a person… none of this computer generated stuff. It gives me a kind of pride to hang it on my wall, to look at that every day and know someone has worked hard to put it there. The Palms Vibe is a great representation of that ethic. And if you get the same feels as me, you will find yourself very gratified to hang your own Palms Vibe print on your wall too.

Check them out: Instagram – @the_palms_vibe, Website –

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 3.10.13 pm.png

The Home Scrapbook

I have a little project in the making, one which looks to continue into the foreseeable future. I am subscribed to what is definitely my all time favourite lifestyle magazine, Real Living. I hoard these mags like they are going to keep me alive if ever there will be a zombie apocalypse. One day I thought to myself as I moved the stack gently from one shelf to a larger one, ‘Am I wasting my money on these?’ I know, how could I? How could I honestly be questioning these beauties for the sake of money? I’ll admit, I read them once, twice, maybe ten times at max, but as soon as that month turns over and November’s issue arrives at my doorstep, the one before is sadly forgotten. I wanted to do something to make those magazines special. After all, there is always a couple ideas in every issue which I hope to incorporate into my own home, so I definitely don’t want to just bin them. I took myself to Office Works (oh my gosh don’t do it, save yourself, it’s stationary heaven) and bought a nice big folder and labelled sections of pages with sections of a house. Ever since that day I have been ripping out pages and great ideas from the Real Living magazines and slipping them under their appropriate headings. I’d like to praise myself and say it’s a great idea… Less pages wasted, ideas always remembered and a dream house already in the making.


Affordable Accessories

I am such a sucker for knick knacks. I love candles, I get twenty for Christmas and you won’t hear me complaining about it. I love pillows, prints, vases, anything that adds a splash of colour or a hint of liveliness to a place. Of course it’s never too OTT, I hate things to feel crammed and cluttered… but I do love things. I consider these ‘things’ to be pretty nice as well, and you may be thinking, ‘Well surely she has spent thousands on all these accessories?’ And my answer is no, I haven’t. There are so many places nowadays who have caught onto the home décor trend and are doing there absolute best to keep up with it, and I’m pleased to say they are nailing it, and for a very affordable price. My all time favourite at the moment would have to be Kmart. Entering their home wares section, I’m sure that’s what it’s going to feel like upon arrival in Heaven. Their pastel is on point, fake florals and cement candles galore, perfect prints and oh my the selection of copper ware is out of this world. I am a fully fledged Kmart enthusiast and not afraid to yell about it. So most of the accessories I have range from as little as two bucks to as high as maybe thirty, all thanks to the big red K. It’s a dangerous discovery if you’re an accessories gal like myself, but you’ll thank me for it I’m sure, your partner… not so much.

Pictured: Marmo Table Lamp, Hexagon Vase and Foil Typography Print from Kmart Australia.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.53.50 pm.png

Open Plan Living

I fall in love with any house that displays some kind of modern open plan living. I think it’s an important aspect to a house, why would you want to feel boxed in? You want large amounts of spacious environment, room to move and room to live. You can create an open plan feel by taking out walls if it’s an existing house that’s full of them. Most modern homes display openness by creating a kitchen which flows into the dining and living area, with no walls separating the spaces, but rather objects like island benches and couches. My all time favourite display of open living is with the addition of bi-fold or sliding doors. Even better then the connection between kitchen and living is the connection between living and the outside environment. Anything that connects these two is my idea of perfect open plan living and will make for a sound investment to a modern home.

open plan living

Heart of the Home

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s so true. This is the place where meals are prepared, friendships are bound, children become grown, conversations flourished and where love is found. Over the years the amount of time you spend in your kitchen will increase, as you learn how it all works and how to create foods that tingle your tastebuds. It’s always important that your kitchen is a reflection of yourself, something you are proud of, and something you are going to feel your almost happiest in. A spot of your favourite colour will no doubt do the trick. In the below image it’s multiple shades of green, representing freshness, something definitely required in the kitchen! Teaming that with light wooden shelves creates the perfect relaxed atmosphere the heart of the home needs.